Boosting facebook post some tips

Posted by:cloud9ico onFebruary 27, 2017


1.Have a strategic goal in place

First, it’s important to understand what needs to come out of promoting a post on Facebook. There are many reasons to boost a post, such as:

Increasing brand awareness

Increasing brand engagement (Shares, Comments, Likes)

Boosting website traffic

Promoting new content or blog posts

2.Maximize targeting options


It’s easy to boost a post. It’s hard to effectively boost one. The key lies in who you are targeting. Based on the goal, companies have the ability to target anyone they want on Facebook. When boosting a post, Facebook offers the following targeting options:

Audience (fans and/or friends of fans)





3.Focus on quality images and video


I have stressed this point in the past, but it’s worth stating again the importance of having a high quality image or video tied to a post. When boosting a post, especially to users who might not be familiar with the brand, the image will be the first piece they see. It needs to be eye catching and engaging at the same time.


Beyond that, companies should keep these factors in mind when choosing an image:

Image Size – Making sure an image is appropriately sized is necessary. If these dimensions are not followed, Facebook will resize them, causing images to look less attractive. Here is a list of Facebook sizes:

Sharing Images – 1200px by 1200px

Images when sharing a link – 1200px by 628px

Sharing Videos – 16:9 ratio

Image Quality – It is important that all images are in high quality to avoid blurry and distorted messages.

20% Text Rule – While organic posts do not need to follow the 20% text rule (only 20% of an image can include text), boost posts do. Companies should plan accordingly if they want to boost a certain post

4.New Ways to Target Boosted Posts


Location – You can be as specific as cities or as broad as countries.

Gender – Male or Female

Age – 13 and up

Interests – Target people based on Pages they like, closely related topics, the apps they use, and specific ads they’ve clicked.

How to Boost a Facebook Page Post

After you’ve defined the demographics and interests that you’ll be targeting, you’re ready to boost your post.

All you have to do is follow these steps:


  1. Click Boost – Click the Boost button at the bottom of any Facebook Page post (you have to be an admin first).
  2. Target Your Post – Once you click “Boost”, a new window pops up, showing you two targeting options:

People who like your page and their friends (way too broad)

People you choose through targeting

  1. Save Your Audience – You’ll want to save your targeting criteria for future posts.

Give your audience a name and click “Save”.

  1. Select Run Dates – Next, select the run dates for your boosted post (click “More Options”).

Your choices are 1 to 7 days. If you want your ad to run longer, you’ll have to use the advanced advertising options.

  1. Click Boost – After you click “Boost” a pop-up window will appear stating that Facebook has to review the ad (this usually takes 15 minutes).

Posting on your Facebook business Page lets you:

1.Stay top of mind with people who are interested in your Page.

2.Keep customers interested and engaged with industry information, product updates, event notifications and more.

3.Reach a larger audience with boosted posts.

Share meaningful updates

Whether it’s content related to your industry or updates on what your business is doing, stay in touch with your audience with Facebook posts. Use short, fun-to-read copy and eye-catching images to get attention. You can even schedule your posts to save time.

Get your post to a larger audience

When you boost a post, you select the audience that you want to see it. Choose people who like your Page, extend it to their friends or even select a new audience that you tailor by age, location, interests and more.

Set your budget

You’re in control of how much you spend on a boosted post – we’ll never charge more than the budget you select. The budget that you select is the per-day price of boosting a post. Depending on the audience and  the budget that you choose, you may or may not reach the maximum amount of your budget each day 1

Small Budgets:
Facebook ads are a great element to add to a well-rounded digital marketing plan. If you are working with a very small digital ad budget, consider starting with Facebook ads rather than search engine ads, which typically have a much higher CPC.
Large Budgets:
On the other hand, if you are working with a larger digital ad budget, Face book ads should make up one-third or less of your total budget. Facebook is not the place to dump a large budget and see results. It’s a great place for a modest budget and a highly targeted audience.

Once you’ve selected your target audience, you next need to choose how much you’d like to spend on your ad. When you set a budget, it’s important to remember that this figure represents the maximum amount of money you want to spend. You can also set your budget to Daily or Lifetime:
Daily: A daily budget is the average that you’ll spend every day.
Lifetime: A lifetime budget is the maximum that you’ll spend during the lifetime of your advert set.


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