SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in current scenario

09 September 2020


Every time Google tries to give the best search engine result pages(SERP) to all users, unbiased. Thus, the reasons why every single year Google introduce a new core update which is called as Google Algorithm Update, this updates gives a better and clean (SERP) look to the user. If you compare 2010 to 2020 a various kind of changes came in to the search engine result page. In 2020 everything comes with clarity like use of Schema Tags in Rich snippets.

Example – if you are searching “Restaurant near Me”

  • Now Google gives you PPC Ads 1st
  • Then the list of nearby all Restaurants with the help of Google map will be showing the Direction, Booking option, Customer Rating & Restaurant images along with the various kind of special offer and deliver option.
  • Then comes with the organic search with the local search Result.

Like others if you want to give any kind of instructions, Google gives the best result like How to do? What is this? and many more things. Nowadays for better user experience under Meta Title & Meta Description Golden colour Star mark shows it indicates about customer rating.

During this Pandemic what Google special offers?

During this Pandemic if you are searching about covid-19 then it shows you the world wide total confirm cases, Recover cases along with death reports & also shows the result of your current location. Along with this Google also shows the safety precaution measures & symptom related report.


In recent times through this Pandemic Goggle has also added some new Features for Restaurant like

❌ Dine-in

In Google maps also showing the labels of Takeout & Delivery.

This Pandemic changes a lot in the sector of every Industry & Digital Marketing (organic search) also a sector which changes a lot.

Some of the biggest winner in Organic Search

  • Remote work Platforms like Slack, Spark, Zoom & many more
  • Home Fitness
  • Streaming Platforms
  • Food Delivery companies

If you are looking another side some of the industry who suffered most (who have lost their organic traffic Most)

  • Airlines
  • Hotels
  • Travel companies
  • Event companies

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What will you do during this time for your website for getting a better organic search?

Identified & fix all your specialised Technical SEO problems

In Technical SEO 1st and most important thing you have to look about your content strength whether it is duplicate & relevant to your business or not. 2nd thing you have to check your page load speed time. The ideal website load time for mobile sites is under 3 seconds and the faster the better. A very slow site can impact negative role on your Ranking. 3rd Most important thing is look up to all your Broken Internal links. Some other areas which are also important to check is –

  • Image Alt Text

  • Low text to html ratio

  • Missing H1

  • Too much text within title & description

You can start website auditing for your website under Technical SEO

Improve the Infrastructure, Relevance and Trust of your website to push into a better traffic


Website Infrastructure is most important thing to drive in Business because what is your business does not matter, the only matter is your website quality. First thing your website is crawling or not? Crawler is a basically software program which enters to your site pick up all your data like images, video, content in to a Data-bank. When Google crawls, your page must index because it all relates to your ranking.

Second significant thing is Markup. A webpage is created by marking-up content (text, images, etc.) using the Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML). Schema Markup is the latest evolution in SEO. Now the question comes what is Schema Markup? Schema markup is code (semantic vocabulary) that you put on your website to help the search engines return more informative results for users. Under Markup Open Graph Tags is another blueprint thing. Open Graph Meta tags are snippets of code that control how URLs are displayed when shared on social media.

Third Important Thing is Migration of your website. HTTP to HTTPS its always a good concept for your website because it is provides security to website & your ranking also depends on it. If your website is old then under Migration you can redesign it & also you can change your website platform.



Under Relevance you can give importance to

  • Multimedia optimization
  • Content – Quality, Readability, Canonicalization Etc
  • Links (Inbound, outbound, broken)
  • Internal Care like – your URL Structure, click Depth etc

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